1. Up to a maximum of 5, 7 or 14 days car rental. Twice in a period of 12 months in the event of mechanical or Electrical failure and twice in a period of 12 months in the event of any service or maintenance related issues of a mechanical nature.
  2. Unlimited mileage
  3. One additional driver
  4. Super damage & theft waivers (Waivers are not insurance but they limit your liability in the event of an incident involving the rental vehicle to the amount of the waiver provided if you are not found to have been in breach of the car rental agency’s terms and conditions of the rental at the time of the incident.
  5. Delivery & collection (within radius of 25km of the suppliers depot in business hours)
  6. One way drop off fee
  7. Border crossing ( Only with Consent )
  8. Group B Vehicle ( e.g. between a 1.3 to 1.6 engine size vehicle with aircon and power steering )


    1. The customer is liable for e-tolls on the vehicle in Johannesburg.
    2. Fuel deposit R1200 – R1750, payable upfront by the customer. Fully refundable if returned with a full tank of fuel.
    3. First amount payable (excess) in the event of an incident involving the vehicle (No upfront deposit required).
    4. Damage to tires and windscreens are not covered under super waivers which means that should it be damaged, you will be held responsible for replacement cost. (No upfront deposit required).
    5. Roadside assistance and storage charges
    6. Towing cost
    7. Delivery & collection (outside a radius of 25km of the suppliers depot in business hours)
    8. Traffic fines and traffic fine administration fees
    9. Additional equipment (eg. baby seat, roof rack)
    10. Young driver surcharge (only applies to under 21)
    11. Charges for upgrades and daily rental charges for days not authorized (in excess of the maximum rental period allowed per your policy schedule)
    12. Border crossing


Contact Call Centre on 010 900 2147

Schedule the rental dates & times to be delivered or collected with one of four agents

Upon claiming MyAutoCare would require proof of vehicle going in for service/repair, we would therefore request a job card from the repairing/service dealer.

A booking reference number will be provided to you once booking has been completed

Fuel Deposit T&C’s & payment requirements will be discussed at booking stage as this differs from one service provider to another.

No other deposit other than the fuel deposit & young driver charge will be required up front, however, should any loss or damage occur while the rental vehicle is in your possession, the renter will be liable for the excess as discussed at booking stage

Young driver surcharge will be discussed at booking stage and payment is payable upfront. The surcharge will be determined by the rental company appointed at booking stage

All inspections done at delivery and collection will be carried out by the rental agent in your presence