MyAutoCare (Pty) Ltd members will have access to the MyDriveHome service, whereby we will make arrangements to drive you, the policyholder home in the event that you have exceeded the legal alcohol consumption limit for driving.

The call center will dispatch two drivers to where you are at that time. The first driver will take you home in your own vehicle while the back-up driver will follow behind in a second vehicle.

All drivers have a valid Professional Driver’s Permit (PDP) and undergo an extensive chauffeur and driver training course.

Your benefit is based on the following terms

Detail of service benefits


1 Complimentary trip of each new month of 35km
30km Radius from city center = R250.00 ( After first trip)
R9 per km in excess of 35km
Extra Drop off’s = R50 p/drop off

  • The service must be linked to one valid south African I.D.Number (Please note no under 18’S allowed).
  • If I.D.Number is not captured on application, it must be captured at call centre level.
  • No Service will be booked if our system picks up an option of a route over 50Km. This is done purely due to taxi drivers choosing the longest route.
  • If the drop-off destination is altered within the ride and it exceeds the 50km radius, the user will be suspended and the only way to rectify this will be to settle the amount of R20,00 per kilometre for every additional kilometre in excess of the allowed 50km radius.
  • The user is only ever allowed 1 taxi benefit per month (E.G. One user is not allowed to purchase a MyTaxi and MyDriveExec at the same time) (This only applies on a client base that MyDriveExec is offered too)

How does it work?

How will I know my ride has arrived?

Can you prove that your team was in position ready to collect me?

How do I pay for the service?

Once you have made a booking our driver meets you at the function venue and will drive you home in your car. Once you and your vehicle have been safely delivered to your home a follow vehicle will collect our driver.

The driver team will contact you via SMS when they arrive at your function to collect you. The driver team will wait up to 15min once they have told you that they have arrived. If there is no response from you, our call center will try to call you and also will send you an SMS. Should there be no response from you, the team will be canceled and you will be billed the minimum call out fee.

Vehicles have tracking systems and our call center telephones are recorded, there will be a recording of our attempt to contact you.

If you are not an account holder then payment must be made via credit card