Welcome to MyAutoCare

MyAutoCare would like to offer you the best products in the market!

Our belief in, caring for your lifestyle, caring for you, adds a personal touch to each product and our friendly, experienced team is always just a phone call away. Better value, uncomplicated product structures and simpler processes have positioned us as industry leaders.

Our innovation is mirrored in our pursuit of perfection!

What makes our products unique

  • The structure, design and scope of cover
  • Hands on customer centric approach
  • Simple step by step claim process
  • Exceptional response time and speedy claim authorization via our mobile app
  • Industry leader in pricing relative to cover and product structure
  • Strict adherence to the regulation governing this industry

MyAutoCare is not simply another product on the market, but rather an enhancement of one’s lifestyle, tailored for individual needs.

MyAutoCare (Pty) Ltd offers our clients and consumers the best products in the market!

We have sub divided this uniquely comprehensive product into 6 exciting solutions:

  • MySurfacePlan
  • MyRoadsideAssist
  • MyDriveHome
  • MyTaxi
  • MyConcierge
  • MyPothole Assist (Optional)
  • MyLegalSolutions (Optional)
  • MyHijackAssist
  • MyArmedResponse
  • MyCourtesyCar

Our innovative product solutions have been carefully structured and grouped together in order to offer our clients the most comprehensive, reliable and affordable solution on the market.

Our offering is constantly evolving and enhanced in order to offer our clients maximum value and added benefits.

With the increasing participation of consumer bodies with regards to dispute resolution, our products offer our clients an unprecedented level of protection and reassurance. We are constantly interacting with our customers in order to better understand their needs and requirements.  This streamlined approach has allowed us to consistently offer greater value, improved benefits and a number of “Industry firsts”.