MyAutoCare specialists in claiming funds from organizations that make the claims process challenging and frustrating to understand. We get back the full amount of what is owed as quickly and as painlessly as possible for our members.

• Dealing with government departments, airlines and financial institutions can be a complex and difficult process, therefore we use our extensive legal expertise to simplify the entire process.

• Our team has an average of 10 years financial and legal experience. They are skilled in liaising with government insurance funds and refuse to accept the status quo. In addition to this, many have worked within managerial and coaching roles and thrive by helping people.

• Membership to MyLegalSolutions entitles the member to telephonic legal advice during normal working hours in the following matters regarding the ownership of traveling in and the use of a vehicle.


Motorists across South Africa are all too familiar with the roads being riddled with potholes due to heavy traffic and rain damage. Hitting one of these potholes could cause serious damage to a vehicle and motorists are often forced to replace tyres and rims /mags. Motorists often have to pay the costs out of their own pockets or claim from their insurance and lose their no claims bonuses.

Assisting with recovering costs incurred as a result of damage to your vehicle caused by a pothole.

Assistance is provided to:

• Un-insured persons;

• Insured persons who do not want to claim from their Insurers and loose their no claim bonuses;

• Insurance companies – to recover their losses from the various road agencies

• We offer a hassle free end to end process:

• We will submit your claim to the applicable Road Agency and liaise with them from start to settlement.

• Continuous follow up with the relevant road agencies to facilitate speedy settlement

• Regular feedback on status of your claim

• Drive Expert will appoint an assessor where deemed necessary.

• Cab service if vehicle not drivable

Road Accident Fund Claim (RAF)

Claiming from the RAF is a complex, laborious and time consuming process. In some cases, your case needs a qualified attorney to get the maximum amount due to you. MyLegalSolutions analyses your RAF case and advises the best course of action, as well as manage your claim until completion.

Pensions and Shares

MyLegalSolutions specialises in providing efficient claims processes to reunite you with monies you are owed from financial institutions and publicly traded companies. This can include shares, pensions, retirement annuities, dormant bank accounts, lapsed insurance policies and employee benefit schemes.

Lost Luggage

Airlines are notoriously reluctant to do anything more than necessary for passengers when it comes to delayed, damaged or lost luggage. However, you should be able claim a certain amount o compensation for unforeseen expenses if you followed the correct procedure when you realized your case.

Traveling Overseas

If you are traveling overseas MyLegalSolutions may be able to claim hundreds of pounds in compensation if your flight is significantly delayed, or your money back if cancelled, under EU rules.

Faulty Goods

If something you bought turns out to be faulty and causes damage or injury, with My Drive Expert , you may be able to claim back the cost of putting right the damage, from the manufacturer.