MyAutoCare Testimonials

Vivienne Wilson


“I was highly IMPRESSED by the efficiency of the service, including your quick response times and follow up. This is a superb service in saving time and headaches. Please pass my sincere gratitude and compliment to the owner of the business”

Tracy Pesic


“Thank you for the quick responses, your service provider was great, the job looks excellent.”



“I use the taxi services as often as I can, the Call Center staff are very friendly and helpful, the drivers are always on time and great company too. I am ver pleased with the service and will certainly recommend it to everyone.”



“When my friends left a party we were not in the right state to drive, I called MyDriveHome service and was assisted immediately, and the driver drove us home safely. With this service I can have fun with my friends and not have to stress about how I’m going to get home.”



“MySurfacePlan was a dream come true for me, I am so pleased with the service they have given me. I had a claim put through for scratches on my wheels/mags, all I did was call the claims department and within a matter of time a service provider called me to arrange a date for the repair. I would highly recommend this service”

Angelique Stols


I used the MyTaxi for the Justin Bieber concert 2 weekends ago; very reliable service, efficient and professional. Fantastic service will recommend this to anyone.”




“Firstly I would like to thank MYAUTOCARE for creating such a great convenient and affordable pack for us to use which is a Taxi Service.

With my experience, I’m very much happy as my account was activated on time, when I first ordered a taxi, I got a very kind lady over the phone that was assisting me to book a taxi.

My bookings where made successfully, the driver arrived 5 mins before and called me to confirm the pickup point. The taxi service was so convenient to use especially when I got sick at work, where I had to catch 2 taxi’s to get home, and exchange when I get to town where else its very dark and not safe. I never had to worry as I knew I had a taxi service that will come and fetch me from my work place and drop me off straight on my door step. I got home safe and didn’t have to worry of how to get home as sick as I was and also saving because I didn’t have to pay anything.”