Stone Chips

Stone chips may result in rust, hence the need to repair them. MyAutoCare will
by hand, brush touch these using matched paint in order to give your vehicle a
fresh finish.



Scratch Repairs

MyAutoCare undertakes to conceal Scratches should they not exceed 150mm
and can be brush touched or removed by polishing.



Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

PDR removes light dents made by other vehicle’s doors or even trolleys.
MyAutoCare will not affect the original factory finish (providing they are made
of conventional metal.) This process is executed using tools that reform metal
back to its original state.


Windscreen Chips / Cracks

Windscreen chips and cracks occur frequently impairing the drivers visibility.
They should be attended to in order to prevent them spreading.
MyAutoCare will repair windscreen cracks where the run on the windscreen is
less than 100mm in length.  Your plan will also cover a chip with a diameter
less than 16mm

Tar Removal


Tar Removal

Tar on your vehicle is impossible to remove with conventional cleaning
methods resulting in your vehicle always looking Untidy. Our repairers are
capable of removing tar from your vehicle without harming the paintwork.



Odor Removal

Through the use of a thermal fogging system MyAutoCare is able to remove
pet odors, mouldiness, tobacco and any other unwanted smells instantly.



Leather or Fabric Treatment

(once every 12 months)

Your vehicle’s seats are made of leather or fabric. The Scotch Guard system is a
well known popular treatment used to prevent stains, repel the suns harmful
UV rays while simultaneously moisturizing your vehicle’s seats. You are
entitled to 1 (one) treatment per 12 month period for the duration of your plan.



Air Conditioner Treatment

Detrimental bacteria, fungi and mold grow in your air conditioning system over
time. MyAutoCare’s disinfectant treatment is designed to eliminate these as
well as bad car smells within the air conditioning unit. This benefit entitles you
to receive 1 (one) air conditioner treatment per year.


Wheel Alignment

If you regularly have your wheel alignment checked you may be able to detect
suspension problems or any threatening issues before they begin.
You are entitled to 1 (one) wheel alignment benefit in order to manage your
tires life.